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Great Features /Module


1. Module : Attendance

Teachers can record attendance of students of each class for entire day. Admin and teachers can view past attendance of students by class. Students and parents can see attendance history. Teacher can add reason for absence of each student.

2. Module : Grade Book

Create exams and assign them to a subject. Teachers can add grades/marks per exam for a student. Students and parents can see grades/marks by subject. With the use of Import/Export Add-on Teacher can import .csv file with student’s grades/marks for faster uploads of marks and Student and Parents will be able to print grade/mark sheet.

3. Module : Class Rooms and Subjects

Create new classes and subject with ease. Assign students and teachers to a class and a subject. Teacher can add marks per class/subject, manage students in a class/subject, and send a group message. Parent can see assigned class/subjects to a student. Attendance can be recorded by subject of class.

4. Module : School Time-table Management

Admin can create calendar and class schedule for every class, which teachers, parents and students can see on their dashboards in their logins. Admin can create upcoming school events or send emergency announcements to an entire school for which email/SMS notification will be sent.

5. Module : Transport

Schools can add information relation to transport to commute to and from school. Details regarding Public Transport bus, tram or School Private transport routes and driver details can be provided for students, parents and teachers.

6. Multi User Login

Schools can add users through creating multi user according to their Roles and can give permission as per their roles.


How to Add Students and Parents

How to Import Students

How to Add Teachers

How to Create Classes

How To Create Time Table

How to Add Subjects

How to Create Exams

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User Name : schooldemo

Password : admin@123456

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